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Do you fear the Dark?

I like to run 3.5 D&D table top as well as a 3.5 D&D and a Modern D20 play by post games when I can and if your looking for a game please by all means give me a pm or a e-mail.

When I DM or play in a game I like one with a balance of hack and slash and rpg to play in so in other words no 4e. Don't mistake 4e's approachability and streamlined nature for simplicity. Just ask any power gamer there is as much in tactical depth in 4e as there is in any other game, even if a few items didn't make it onto the equipment list and some skills are left to the discretion of the DM.

And that's just on the mechanical level. Obviously, on the Role playing level, there's nothing reducing the amount of depth possible. In fact, there are those that argue that the removal of "social skills" as numerical constructs deepens the game play in this respect.

I know some like 4e it and thats great for you, I tried it and to me it came off as a World of Warcraft crammed into to a bastardised D&D system so save your breath I'm not buying the hype.

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