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Into D&D and big board games

Hi I live in Buena Park CA and I'm looking to find a D&D group be it in my area or online. My current job requires that I work Fridays and weekends but I am slowly working on getting a new job which would mean a schedule change. I am further limited by not having a car but I get around by bus and bike well enough. If I can find a group online I do have Skype and there's a chance my mother might be interested as well. I am also limited on money, this might pose a problem for manuals and such. I am 30, don't cuss though hearing others do so can be entertaining if it isn't overdone, my only addiction is to gaming, what I play I tend to dedicate all my free time towards, I have a PS4 a PC (obviously) and a few board games, escaped WoW addiction, I play Magic the Gathering: Commander and have 4 decks, I have had a lot of problems with getting friends because of my family moving and others quite literally going insane. WoW gave me virtual friends, but I decided I had to actually get a life (and it was getting to hard to keep up with achieving everything) so I quit WoW over a year ago. Now I want to try to find some new friends. My D&D experience is really limited as my family tried to play 3.5 for a bit but our DM did most of it in his head and we had very little for ourselves to keep track of and to top it off every few sessions he would start us anew because he thought of a better setting and plot, we had probably 8 sessions before he just stopped doing it all together because of personal issues. I have been very interested in playing D&D ever since I was a child though and to this day I still remember watching others play it for the first time and wondering what the players would do in that next session after they had just found a cave chamber filled with an acidic fungus and odd lumps covered by the fungus but the bell rang and I had to get to class, never did find out sadly.

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