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8+ years RPG gaming, oft GM, 22yo

Hello! Life long gamer here, much prefer tabletop, dice, cards, but can enjoy a video game from time to time too. My passion is RPG's. I typically GM but sometimes play. I usually run fantasy games but enjoy other genres (especially horror and sci-fi) as well. I'm a very liberal GM, with no issue with house rules or fudging, but I highly appreciate players who take well to the role play and immersion. Also my games often have a 'theme' of some kind (all spellcasters, sandbox, heavy combat, heavy roleplay, extra-planar, etc for a few examples). Savage Worlds is my biggest system with Pathfinder a close second and others to follow.

Currently recruiting for a sandbox fantasy game, message if interested!

22yo male with family, rarely able to game more than every other week but very dedicated when I get a group going, over 8 years experience playing and running various game systems.

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