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Ex-DnD Player/DM looking to get back involved.

Looking to get back in to gaming.

Was once a fairly sucessful DM - but would need to play again first to regain that familiarity with the rules.

Mainly played 3/3.5ed DnD and Shadow Run (3rd edition) about 8 years back, and would only be intrested in playing DnD / Shadow Run / D20 modern (maybe).

As I'm now 30!!! (eek) ideal days/time have to be limited and could only realistically be: wednesday (6-9) Thursday (6-9) Saturday (Afternoon to late evening) Sunday (Afternoon to early evening)

Contact me if you've got a spare seat or looking to develop a game in the area - I'm always looking to meet new people.

Cheers - Cookietripper.


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