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I started roleplaying with D&D when it was in the little "red box", with the dice that wore out. Went onto GURPS, then Rifts, a sprinkling of Traveler, played Fudge and Amber, and then Champions for 10 years. I then found the system for me, Battlestations. The designer was at DunDraCon running demo games. I was hooked, it's all i played for the rest of the con. He asked me to be a that was eight years ago and now I demo/run games at all the Northern California gaming conventions. I like to run "themed" Battlestations games. I have done Alien, Aliens, Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica, Firefly, Galaxy Quest, Star Wars, and my latest add Space Above and Beyond.

Yes, I really enjoy running Sci-fi. Hope to see you at one of my games.

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