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Updated and still looking as of 3/14/16

The Short Story Looking for fellow gamers in the area for either D&D or other table top systems. We'd also be interested in just a board game night (Betrayal at House on the Hill, Lords of Waterdeep, Game of Thrones, ect. We have a ridiculous amount of games that rarely get played).

The Long Story We've recently moved into the Atlanta area (we're pretty far out of the city though, South East, mid way between Conyers and Covington) and would be overjoyed to meet other like minded folks for nights of RP or board gaming shenanigans.

Hosting at our place isn't a problem (though it is kind of in the middle of nowhere) as we're a mid 30's married couple with no kids renting our own home. We do have both a dog and cats, but they're for the most part well behaved and a non issue as far as gaming goes. We're also okay with moderate levels of travel (preferably not much more than an hour) to join in your game group. Weekends work best for us, or even occasional week nights, but all in all we're very flexible schedule wise.

I've been gaming from a very young age and D&D is probably my favorite (Pathfinder currently). My husband enjoys both DMing and playing and is more fond of WoD systems than I am (but we're down to give most systems a try).

While it is important to have a frame work for everyone to follow we're much more into the role playing side of things than being rules lawyers or min/maxers. That being said I have, upon occasion, been credited with taking games a little too seriously. I love fleshed out backstories (and my husband is more than happy to tailor campaign events to fit your character and their goals/history). Not only do I know what my characters are doing in the game down time, but there are probably graphs, and binders, and likely even a flow chart or two involved.

That isn't to say that we're not casual/new gamer friendly. I don't expect everyone to be as detail orientated as I am and am happy to give advice, provide reminders and what not to make sure that everyone knows what'd going on and most importantly is having fun.

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