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Will play most any RPG. Huge fan of GURPS & VTES.

Updated 12/20/2018

Hi! I'll play most any tabletop RPG, and I GM GURPS (various settings/genres). I might be talked into running D&D 5e, a heavily house-ruled variant of Rules Cyclopedia D&D, or one of a few indie games, for that matter. Several of the RPGs I have tagged are ones I have no actual experience with, but would like to play or GM. Maybe I'll get around to them someday...

I enjoy collectible card games. I'm a huge Vampire: The Eternal Struggle (VTES) fan, and I have some vintage decks for Magic and Illuminati (INWO).

I like miniatures games if they aren't too complex or expensive. I have a collection of Mage Knight 1.0 minis, as well as the Budget Battlefield rules and a heap of cardstock minis. Battleground: Fantasy Warfare also sounds interesting, especially considering that it can be used for historical games as well. I haven't bought any armies yet, but I would be glad to if there is interest.

I also have a HeroQuest board game and decks for Munchkin: Grimm Tidings, Munchkin Cthulhu, Fluxx, and Monty Python Fluxx, for a change of pace. Bohnanza is a surprisingly fun game, but I don't actually have a deck. Maybe I should get one...

I am a Pisces and like long walks in the park, too.

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