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"Luck is one of my better skills."

Name is Mark and I've been RPing for about 8 years now and GM/DMing for almost as long. I'm told that I'm pretty good at it. I tend towards "Hi-Impact" characters, after all the purpose of a hero is to be heroic! just because I'm good at DM/GM, doesn't mean I like to do it all the time and the hardest time I have is finding someone that can run a game for me and my roomate. Currently Im heavy into Serenity RPG but I also have a fairly high level Dark Heresy Psyker. My best characters are Davion, Warmage Mercenary (D&D 3.5) Lazaris, Interigator level Psyker (Dark Heresy) and Taggart "Tag" Langley, a Privateer running an Illegal Shipping Company. (Serenity RPG)

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