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A Canadian geek studying chemistry

General gaming geek. I like D&D (4e, 3.5, Pathfinder), BRP and The Call of Cthulhu. I mostly DM the Call of Cthulhu using the new Basic Roleplay Core book and a mess of house rules. I play Pathfinder Society on occasion and played Living Greyhawk heavily from 2002 until its end.

I am a goal-oriented gamer with my focus being on solving a problem or achieving a goal rather then on character development or combat (which I view as tools to achieving a goal) Spending seven hours talking amongst the part bores me as much as seven hours of straight combat. Generally I like 1 combat a session to one combat every other session as a DM, perhaps a touch more as a player, however I am flexible in this- I played Living Forgotten Realms with 3 combats in 4 hours.

My longest running games was a Call of Cthulhu game using BRP as above, with a pulp 'two-fisted Cthulhu ' feel. Low character mortality unlike most CoC games (Only one player deaths though a lot of close calls).

Currently I am in two GURPS games, one a Cthulhu/Dark Matter-style 1970s horror game, and the other a Yrth based fantasy GURPS game.

I am also very willing to try new games.

Sadly I only speak English.


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