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Mature gamer seeking group with WoD campaigns

Mature (or at least older - b. 1968) gamer that's been out of gaming for over a decade. Looking at the possibility of getting back into a regular gaming group, possibly starting one.

Looking for something in the West end of the GTA - as I'm centered around the Kipling Subway station.

Probably able to play up to weekly - would like to be able to at least get a couple of sessions a month.

Not above eventually stepping up to referee the occasional campaign - and so I don't object to groups with a rotating referee-ship - although I'd like to get some recent experience under my belt first.

Looking for character based games with a strong simulationist element. Not a fan of the "play the rules to win" style gamist style games - although I recognize that IS some people's thing, just not mine.

Not a big fan of "hack and slash", so I tend to be a bit wary of fantasy themed games (e.g. D&D), but I wouldn't spurn a fantasy setting with a character/story/simulationist based campaign.


Personally, I'm an (essentially) married professional Systems Architect, but am open to gaming with just about anyone, of any age and background, provided our gaming styles are compatible.

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