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40k Role-Player Here

Hi, I have been playing/GMing RPGs since the early 80's. I live in Mesa, Az working in Public Transportation. Looking for mature group of roleplayers to play or GM a game of Deathwatch or another Warhammer 40k RPG system. My taste in an RPG runs along the Role-Playing side, although I love to add-in a mixture of themes into each and every game that I am a part of. As a player I like to really get into the "Role" of my characters and as a GM I love to create an environment where the players really get into their characters. I don't like "Power Gaming." I am more into getting into the spirit of the game (not into what is the most powerful weapon or equipment or being the most powerful character).

When beginning in any game I like the struggle of starting off at 1st level and earning my way through the game. Hoping to find a group of like minded people to enjoy on a regular basis. Thank you in advance for looking over my words. Julian

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