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stumbling over whilst fighting the universe

I'm a young gal who never leaves the house without a hat (and yes, I have made my own hats). I was raised by gamers. I am a dedicated H.P. Lovecraft fan. I also have a minor obsession with comic books. I'm a student of geology. I have a plant press. That's should be enough for you to picture me in your head.

I am a dedicated GURPS fan (though I believe and will happily point out its flaws and ridiculously complex portions without hesitation) but Call Of Cthulhu is my secure second favorite. I'm up for learning any type of system, though, and I enjoy playing in practically any sort of setting you throw at me! I have dabbled in GMing on a few occasions too. I like long, dedicated stories/campaigns, but I'm up for one-shots too, on occasion. Overall, I'm adaptable and interested in playing any sort of game, as long as other players/GMs regard roleplaying somewhat seriously, and no one's running around heartlessly trying to kill things just for the sake of XP or something lame like that.

PRACTICAL NOTE: I'm a student, so I won't be around Austin all the time (just MOST of the time), and I'm confined to playing on weekends. Let's stumble through the universe together!


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