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I am Biz Daretz

I'm creating a tabletop guild... The Whidbey Island Tabletop Guild or The W.I.T. Guild for short.

Tired I am, of Roll20 and Skype and cross country schedules. Sick of drama and judgement. I want to play D&D like it's MEANT to be played, adventure, story, kinship, teamwork, intelligence, fun. Like a webcomic, like Order of The Stick, or Table Titans. Not full of stoner/alcoholic jokes (Though from time to time I agree those can be hilarious), Not full of Min-maxers, or people who believe that you HAVE to be a certain race to play a certain class well, the character belongs only to the player, only the player can decide how they run.

I'm both an experienced player, and a novice DM, I have the core books for 3.5 (And when I say core I mean CORE... PHB, DMG, and MM) I have plenty of dice, and a fair share of other accessories. I'm looking to make a group that lives in Oak Harbor, that has lots of free time, and are people I can actually connect with. I hate this town, for many reasons. I'm free during most of the week, and every other weekend. I'm trying to create a LONG lasting D&D group for me and my GF to be a part of for years to come.

Rules: 1: Got Harbor Drama? Fine? Keep it away from the table. (Even if it's with me, or someone connected to me. And I'll do the same.)

2: D&D should be 40% Story, 30% Game (10% Skills, 10% Combat, 10% Exploring), 20% Seriousness, and 10% Humor (These are ROUGH percentages but I think you get the point.)

3: Hosting will be decided on a session by session basis. Some sessions could last 2 hours, others could last 12

4: Food; No one is forced to share food, if you want you can provide snacks for the group, or you can provide snacks for just you. And anywhere in between. As a general rule, if you KNOW you're going to get hungry, bring something to snack on.

5: Respect for all players and the DM is mandatory. This by definition extends to Characters as well. (Well unless they're an NPC... tough shit NPC's... we don't love you. (Also this rule applies to relationships both in and out of character as well. Don't be a home-wrecker, and don't force advances on those who are uninterested.

6: I'd prefer to keep this clean, (meaning no sex, limited drug/alcohol references, etc.) but even still, the group is for players 18 and older... there MAY be a rare exception or two, but as a general rule, adults only.

7: If for any reason you can not attend a session (especially if you're hosting that particular session) please let the others know, and also have a plan for what to do with your character, even if it's just them being background and not actually doing much.

8: While there may be other interests we have in common... this group is for D&D and Tabletop games, nothing more nothing less. This DOES extend to games like Settlers of Catan, Magic The Gathering, etc... but it is PRIMARILY for D&D 3.5

9: If I've forgotten to add anything it can be addressed at a latter date. Right now I'm just trying to get a group off the ground.

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