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Middle of nowhere CA.

I live in-between Yuba and Sutter counties, and am willing to drive to Yuba City, Marysville, Wheatland, Grass Valley, Roseville, and some parts of Sac just to play. I consider myself to be a fair and just gamer. I don't care about stats unless it's a competition. I don't like players that put all of their focus in building a character instead of role playing it al la WoW on paper. When RPing I usually play a rogue-ish sort but I've been known to try a lot of things. I'm looking for a good group of role players. Currently I play D&D 3.5 and d20 (with all of it's expansions) but I'm looking into trying other systems like GURPS or Deadlands. I have all of the books for all of the systems mentioned above. Also looking to play some Risk 2210 A.D. with some if not all of the expansions, only a few of which I actually posses. I don't mind intertwining RP with Risk if that's what you're into. I also play MTG, though I should mention I don't play by the latest rules I hate them with a passion. I quit playing competitvely after the Time Spiral block, and have no interest in playing by the new butchered rules.

Things I like include robots of all kinds (including power armor), zombies, insectiod xenos, traditional D&D fantasy setting, Victorian setting, old west setting, Pulp era setting, cyberpunk setting, dystopian future setting, post-apocalypse setting, far future settings like Star Wars, futuristic fantasy settings similar to WH40k, and some other $#!% but I don't need to list everything.

I'm currently available on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays all day. My schedule is flexible though and I could change it to a different set of 3 days every other day if I have to.

Email me at - - If you're interested in playing a game.

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