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Looking for players for RPGs and boardgames

I'm currently playing in two game groups with some overlap in the members. In one (meeting in Freeport) we play mostly D&D 3.5 and a few other traditional rpgs, along with one-shots and short-runs of small press rpgs. In the second group (meeting in Bath with users digitalautmn and mkrawec here), we have been playing small press games and retro-clones. Both groups could use new members. Contact me at if you're interested.

Some games we're thinking of playing in the near future: more D&D 3.5, ZeFRS, Lamentations of the Flame Princess, Feng Shui or Fight!, Burning Wheel, Dust of Empires (or is it Empire of Dust?), Diaspora, Mountain Witch, Smalleville or Primetime Adventures, and others.

I also like to play designer board games. Look me up; I'm user BastardToadflax on boardgamegeek.

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