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I have a long history of RPG gaming in D&D (from 2nd edition up to 3.5), Shadowrun, Star Wars D20, various other D20 games, and even some Palladium games, in addition to several I don't recall right now (and a couple I'd rather not recall). I'm open to new games and systems. Historically, I have usually been the DM/GM of my group, and for the time being, I am more interested in being just a player, but that could easily change. Also, if you are in WoW, you can look me up on Burning Legion server. I have a Horde character named Maxalt. I am also a former Amtgard player, who would be enormously happy if a new local Amtgard chapter started up, as it appears the current one is now defunct (or possibly not meeting anywhere I can find). Dagorhir wouldn't be entirely bad either, as I did that before Amtgard. I do have some garb, some good leather armor (SCA quality, although I am a tad big around the middle for it now), and my weapons, while old, are still in working order for the most part, and I can always make more. If any of my old Amtgard chums read this, I was Traser Ballangard, 6th level Scout from both Silver Acorn and the early days of Crimson Stag. :D I work every third weekend, but otherwise, weekends are good for me.

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