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Need 3 players for GURPS fantasy

I am the Demo team for ScryingEyeGames a content producer (maps and adventures) I've run games at Necro all went very well. I've been playing for about 4 years and know several systems.

If you are interested contact me Via e-mail at This will be a small group of no more than 3 players using GURPS 4. You are not required to bring or own anything except maybe snack food to share or for yourself. All 3rd party books will be under review and honestly unlikely but feel free to ask I will consider all reasonable requests. I have many books in PDF. I do not have a wide collection of figures but figures will not be hard to obtain where needed.

Before any one is allowed in my home I will ask a meeting. This meeting can take place just about any where with a table.

Also, I don't mind gaming at other locations.

The game's day and time will be hopefully regular and scheduled well in advance. This time is not known at this time but will likely occurs in a week night.

Again Contact me at the above email and we'll see about getting this going. As soon as We have one more person the game can begin.

**Maps and other materials will be often provided by Scrying Eye Games for play test or promotional purposes**


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