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Jackson NJ Area D&D, RPG & Miniatures Gaming Group

I consider myself a long time gamer. I grew up with Chivalry & Sorcery, AD&D and GDW's Traveler. I enjoy many RPGs, miniatures games and some board games, including D&D, FFG's Only War, Warhammer 40K, CMoN's Rivet Wars and GDW's Space 1889.

Our group is currently playing D&D 5th edition, and, in my opinion, the key to a successful RPG is a fair, friendly and reasonably creative GM/DM and a friendly, cooperative group. If a game has those elements, it has a high probability of being fun.

Twice a year, at gaming conventions, I play Warhammer 40K. In general, I prefer cooperative miniatures games over highly competitive tournament style games. I would like to try Age of Sigmar, Dust 47, Warmachine, Dystopian Legions, and Leviathans Monsters of the Sky - but I somewhat reluctant to invest money in more games, especially games that may not develop a large, local following.

I am a non smoker and non vaper and, generally, will not hang out in a room where smoking and vaping are going on. I don't tolerate the use of illegal drugs.

I look forward to gaming with you, and thanks!

- Tom Jr.

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