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Deep in the heartland of the wood... Hollywood...

Deep in the heartland of the wood... Hollywood... A red wooden door stands propped against the wind. The once-yearly storm that takes the city by... um... storm. Gargoyles stand as sentinel against the coming darkness. Because darkness is scared of gargoyles.

For those of us who enjoy to Live Life Out Loud, there is a haven. And this haven is The Inn of the Moon and Son. If you have ever driven down Alta Vista Blvd, and wondered to yourself "Who lives in that crazy red living room?" Well... perhaps you've been asking the wrong question.

The right question? "How do I get into that room to play D&D?"

The answer is no Sphinx riddle. Simply state your intent, your character, and your aspirations. Land? Invention? A Paradise of Imagination for you and your own? Very well. It will be granted. With effort.

I am readying to host a group at my table, I as the DM, for 5E Dungeons and Dragons. Let's make the leap, folks. Send me a message with your roleplaying interests, elements you've been hoping to see in a game, and any aspirations for your characters that you have been wanting to see come to fruition in an imagined world.

It is my intention to meet once a week, though less frequent meetings will probably be the norm. We will meet at my home, which is decorated and painted in a very Gothic, interesting style. I am interested and open to exploring the worlds of imagination, and D&D has provided the perfect tool.

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