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Looking for an RPG group. can GM, or not...
2018-01-07 22:25:41

Hi all, So, I'm Craig been living in and around woking for a couple of years or so, now located in Chobham. Looking to find some like minded folk to play some games with!

Unfortunately, working in events, I work away quite a lot which makes it difficult for me to commit to regular meets and more long term campaigns, which is sad. In the summer particularly, more often than not, I can be found in the middle of a field making something louder. winter time is kinda quiet season for me and I can be a little more regular and attend more often. I'm kinda hoping to find a group of people with similar(ish) circumstances, where hopefully we can be a little more casual, you know, short campaigns, one shots etc. basically, scenarios where it won't be a pain in the backside if someone doesn't make it?

I'm more than happy to GM, got a shelf of resources that rarely get used, though, I'm fairly limited with my GM experience, I do enjoy it. I would also quite like to play if other people are up for running games. So I guess I'm fairly flexible, you know, until I'm not... GM wise, I'm currently working my way through the Star Wars Edge of The Empire rules and would like to give that a go. I have a couple of fate based games I'd be happy to run and a few indie story based type games that sound quite fun.

Playing wise, I'm happy to give anything a go at least once.

thanks for taking the time to read!

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