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NearbyGamers General
2010-09-29 01:51:39

My boyfriend and I are looking to join or start up a Dungeons & Dragons 4th Ed. group. We are both new to D&D, but have been learning a lot about it. We can host or are willing to drive somewhere within 30 minutes or so of Carrollton.

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Game Master lvl 20
2010-09-29 02:23:20

If you're more focused on storyline and dialogue i'd run 3.5. Maybe even old world of darkness if you're really new, that system is very easy to run.

— Lord Ahriman
New Gamer wants group
2012-03-28 03:29:33

I'm in Fort Worth, But I'm also an inexperienced player.

Want 4th ed players or GM. Mature only
2013-04-11 17:57:08

I live in Uptown Dallas and was looking for Gamers. I don't play D&D but I'm willing to learn. I'm more interested in getting people into GURPS. It's a very modular easily cutsomizable system. I'm still learning the ins and outs but I've got a good grasp of the core rules and mechanics. I also have a semi-put together campaign. Let me know if you're interested in talking.

GM looking for ONE newbie for 3.5 game! 10/9/13
2013-10-09 14:49:16

We're currently looking for ONE person completely or almost completely new to DnD 3.5 to join our group.

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