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2015-11-10 19:56:31

Hey everyone

I'm looking for online tabletop players for a session on Roll20. I'm hoping for a long term campaign with a flexible schedule and dedicated players. While the listing states that I'm looking for 3 players, I will consider adding more based on the amount of responses. I really look forward to DMing this one, so please do consider it if you have the time.

World building will be a group event, so the players will always get a say about what does and doesn't work. I'm hoping to restrict the races to human and human variant only, but if there is a level of interest, I will allow for more. The game genre is Medieval Fantasy as it's what I'm best at creating. I already have lots of world ideas and adventures set up. I'm a bit of an over-prepared GM, which will allow players greater freedom. I won't box you into any corners or bind you to one route, though I do have structure.

We'll be playing the first game Sunday 11/15/15 10:05 PM EST. All games after that will be flexible. The rules system we'll be using is called "the Window". You can find information at this link if you are not already familiar with it:

Please apply at the following listing (spots are for seriously interested players only).

Thank you, Hun

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