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2010-08-12 01:29:36

Hello Everyone,

I am new to the area having just moved here in June and I don’t know any gamers. I am looking to start a new weekly campaign about mid September and would like to find 3 to 4 players. I prefer playing during the weekend but open to other options if necessary.

I will likely run it in the pathfinder world around the inner sea and start characters at 1st level. Depending on my mood I am into good old hack and slash but also enjoy character development and story so I would say it will work out to about 50/50.

While I can understand wanting to min/max, I would prefer building characters that reflect a good story and that have a good balance rather than being extreme. Nothing bores me faster than a party that is so maxed it can destroy encounters far above their current level.

I rather an edge of your seat campaign were the characters have to play and fight smart and your never sure till the end of the night if your character will survive.

I am bilingual, in my early 40s and have been playing D&D since about 1980.

The game will be held near the Wychwood area close to Lucerne Blvd and Rue des Grandes Chateaux. It will be primarily in English but if everyone can understand, the game can run in both languages. I prefer players that are 30+ but may be open to younger if the person is a good fit for the table. The game will be non smoking and no alcohol please.

If you are interested, send me a message and we can discuss.


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