DnD 4.0 group looking for 4 more. NoVA

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2010-09-23 03:14:07

I'm running a game in Northern Virginia, and we are looking for 4 or so more players. All comers are welcome, and I will provide character builder and everything you will need short of a mini. The game is in an urban setting with a strong focus on factions and diplomacy. Sessions tend to be about 50/50 combat and roleplaying, and the players get to choose which missions to take, and which faction they want to support. It might sound complicated, but it works well.

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Looking for DnD 4e or 3.5 groups to join
2010-09-28 15:41:24

How far is this from Silver Springs MD. I'd love to play with you all.

2011-10-12 15:50:22

My wife and I are looking for a game around us. We have fresh lv 1 4e chars, a Human male Wizard-Arcanist-Summoner and a Changling Female Rogue-Scoundrel-Cutthroat. We have a loose story that explains their marriage and all the events leading up to needing to find more people to adventure with.

Hello? Please?
2014-03-04 16:42:35

Out from Stephens City (VA), have 2 friends also interested. Times? I know this discussion is old.

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