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2018-10-30 09:21:12

I'm an experienced GM looking for 2-3 players to join my bi-monthly Pathfinder game. The party is level 2 (approaching level 3) and is nearly to the end of the first "chapter" of the Rise of the Runelords campaign. I've been playing or running tabletop games for 16 years, so I am fully competent and know how to run a game.

Who we are: Late 20's-early 30's, veteran gamers. Weed and cigarettes are a regular occurrence at our table (though as the GM, I don't partake in the former). I don't pull punches in storytelling, and typically my players don't either when it comes to banter or character decisions. If you're easily offended by ANYTHING, this is not the right group for you.

Who you need to be: Experience isn't totally necessary. I'd prefer those who had experience, but willingness to spend a few hours reading the Pathfinder books can easily substitute. No preference on sex or gender so long as it's not something you will be upset about and storm out of the room. If I use the word "midget" when I refer to a gnome and you want to talk to me about social justice, don't reply to this ad. Be chill. You don't have to be "cool" but be chill. But above all things, BE RELIABLE. This particular group has (so far) seen seven players in around 8 sessions, and two remain. I get that life sometimes gets in the way, but if you're the kind of person who can't commit to a regular gaming group and put it above other non-responsibilities, don't reply to this ad. We're relatively casual, but not casual enough that if you don't come to our games for a month we won't replace you.

The group runs once every two weeks on Sundays at private residences from 6-10 pm. We have a rotating pizza schedule that you will be expected to abide by, so have enough of a source of income to afford buying pizza for a group of people once every couple months. If this ad sounds overly negative, I don't mean it to be... it has just been very hard to find reliable people among my group's circle of friends who aren't already in ongoing tabletop games or who have other real-life issues which interfere. We're relaxed, we're fun, and we're looking for the same. Hit me up if that sounds good.

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Team player new to PDX
2019-04-11 05:40:12

If this is still running, and in need of players, please let me know.

I participated in a Pathfinder table that played through the first little bit of Council of Thieves before I moved here, but haven't gotten around to joining a group here in PDX quite yet.

— Spiral-cut wooden packing material!
2019-09-21 15:03:47

if you are still looking for more players i am interested in joining your group

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