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2009-08-10 04:17:01

A friend & I are looking to join a D&D (3.5E or 4E) group.

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Archaelius awaits
2009-08-12 15:50:10

Hiya Drood, If you and your friend are interested in going oldschool and playing AD&D 1st Ed., then we have two openings in OC. The game we play is based on 1st Ed. rules and has been tweaked to make the game flow a little better. There are currently 4 players (with an occasional 5th)in the campaign right now and we would welcome a couple more. The rule adjustments are designed to make AD&D play more like an MMPORG and the players so far have been having a blast. If you would like more information; you can get my contact information on my profile. Hope to hear from you and happy gaming

2009-08-14 05:40:19

Hello Moemoexxvi, i appreciate the invite. But at the moment my friend and I are only looking for a 3.5E or 4E game. Thanks again. -Drood.

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