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2014-04-25 19:15:34


I'm looking for players who would be interested in Palladium games. Mainly Dead Reign (Zombie themed) or Rifts (Sci-fi/Post-Apocalyptic), but I can do anything since its all the same ruleset.

No experience is required and I can provide anything you need. Location and time is flexible.

First session will be a "test the waters" type setup. This is to get you guys familiarized with the system and see what setting you would prefer. This also helps me get familiar with your play styles and expectations.

A bit about me and my GM experience: My name is Andrew and I have been doing tabletop for about 6 years now. I ran very a successful year long Dead Reign campaign. I did a talk about Gamemastering at Peguicon 2011. I have ran a few smaller games over the years and did games for Palladium at Detroit Fan Fare 2013.

I like to consider my GM'ing style very open and flexible. The narrative experience is driven by the players, not me.

If your interested than reply to this thread or just send me a message! Thanks for reading.

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2015-03-18 19:00:27

Looking for a weekday game. Never played Dead Reign, but played Rifts many moons ago.

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