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2007-08-12 13:06:34

I am looking for a player or two to make up a team of three or four, to play in the game described below. The game will be run by 'Voice Over InterNet'--specifically, using Skype conference calls--one night per week (probably Sunday) until the third Sunday in December, 2007. If you would like to play, and can make time available from 8 p.m. to 11 p.m. Australian Eastern Time, please get in touch with me.

Wear a Badge, Carry a Gun

An SF mystery campaign to be run 'Voice Over InterNet', Sunday evenings Australian Eastern time.

GM: "Agemegos" (Brett Evill)

Genre: SF hard-boiled mysteries, masquerading as police procedurals

Game system: probably ForeSight, but maybe GURPS. It oughtn't to make a lot of difference.

Number of sessions: Probably not more than fifteen. It'll depend on how pacing works out with the VOIP format.

Venue: The game will be played over the InterNet, using Skype conference calls, from 8 PM to 11 PM (Australian Eastern Time) one night per week--probably Sunday.

Number of players: 4 character-players if possible, 3 at a pinch. (Plus one GM.)

Game Style

Realistic, thesp (ie. role-play, not roll-play), drama (ie. not beer-and-pretzel).

What Happens

(Scales run 1 to 4.)

  • Action and fights: 2 (Suspects will sometimes flee resist arrest &c. But action and combat will be the stuff of climaxes, not hour-to-hour fare.)
  • Building: 1
  • Character: 3 (It always comes down to "What are you prepared to do?")
  • Character power: 1 (PCs will always have all the power they need. The question is what to do with it.)
  • Destroying: 4 (This is about taking down the bad guys.)
  • Exploration: 4 (PCs will be demystifying crimes, and finding their feet in unfamiliar colonial societies.)

How Is It Done

Primarily by detection and persuasion, with some combat and forensics, and occasional athletics, driving, and undercover work. The mysteries in this campaign are actually 'hard-boiled' detective stories, and the arc plot is a thriller. But they come in heavy disguise as science fiction police procedurals, so methodical police work will definitely help.



Flat Black, an SF universe optimised for rationalised planetary romance, and having a film noir sensibility. There are human colonies on 800 worlds, which tend to be very parochial. Interstellar affairs are dominated by the Trust, which draws huge profits from the travel and new worlds monopolies, and spends them on preventing mass deaths: which it does with a steely-eyed fanaticism. Introduction on line. More to come.


For 25 years it has been up to colonial authorities to enforce the Imperial Crimes Act in their own jurisdictions, which worked just as badly as you would expect. Eventually things got so bad that the Imperial Senate was moved to overcome its mistrust of the Trust, and to pass acts creating Imperial courts and an Imperial Department of Justice with police powers, subject to a very strict oversight by the Senate Committee for Justice. It took the Trust three years to organise a department and to recruit and train investigators. But now at last they are ready to pin on their badges, strap on their guns, and go do some good.

The PCs will be a field investigation team of the brand-new Imperial Department of Justice. Most of them will be veterans of other, colonial, detective bureaux, and they will have a wide variety of personal styles and of cultural and professional backgrounds. The team ought to include a forensics expert, a financial crimes expert, a surveillance expert, and at least one expert in interview & interrogation.

The team will arrive on some planet as the first 'untouchable' representatives of Imperial justice that the place has ever seen. It will be up to them to take down the villains who have eluded, bribed, and defied the local cops for 25 years, thus and otherwise to show everyone that Imperial raps are a whole new ball of wax.

Theme music

Morricone, soundtrack to The Untouchables.


I'd like the recruitment cycle done by the 20th of August 2007, leaving two weeks for discussion and design of characters before a first session in the week beginning on Sunday the 2nd of September.

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