Easter Extravaganza in Newcastle, NSW

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inveterate gamer; prolific GM; world designer
2012-03-08 04:47:38

On the Easter very long weekend (6th of April to 9th of April, 2012) I shall be going to Newcastle (the one in New South Wales, Australia) to run a scheduled RPG. It strikes me that that would be an unusually good opportunity to meet a lot of gamers and play a lot of games at the cost of only one long car trip.

So here's the plan. I'm going to whip up a quick game that I can run for friends I have just met, together with suitable pre-gen characters. In fact I'll do two. The people who want to play can let me know through with a message here or (better) through the FaceBook event page, and we'll organise a time and place for each.

If you would like to run a pick-up game yourself, in Newcastle on the Easter weekend, announce it on that FaceBook page and see what interest you get.

I'd like to set up a barbecue for one of the lunch-times, too.

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inveterate gamer; prolific GM; world designer
2012-03-08 04:56:12

One game I have in mind to run for this extravaganza would be a gaslamp fantasy set in an alternative Europe in which the industrial revolution had escalated into full-blown war. No girl geniuses would be harmed in the making of this homage.

The (pre-generated) PCs would be the denizens and inmates of a mad scientist's labs, surviving as refugees after the place was stormed by a mob with torches and pitchforks. One might be the spark's beautiful daughter, perhaps with a little dog. Another might be a clank (clockwork AI robot), another an uplifted animal, another a construct (like Frankenstein's monster), another a deformed assistant (Igor!), and perhaps another could be a squid in a tank (with glass sides and caterpillar tracks!).

The game system would be a light-worked-over clone of Spirit of the Century.

inveterate gamer; prolific GM; world designer
2012-03-08 05:00:13

The other game I have in mind would be an SF mystery game in a rationalised planetary romance setting. To be particular, it would be a thriller masquerading as a police procedural, set on a distant planet with a quirky society, a thousand years in the future. Major influences would be from Jack Vance's Demon Princes and Alastor Cluster novels.

Game system: ForeSight.

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