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2011-07-27 08:55:44


I'm starting up a new campaign which I am going to run at a mate's house in Jesmond, one Friday night per month. Besides myself with have three players signed up, but I'd be happier with four or five character-players.

The campaign will involve (as PCs) Australian soldiers mysteriously transported from the battlefields of World War One to a realm of romantic adventure, somewhat in the spirit of, but not directly copying, E.R. Burrough's John Carter of Mars and Master Mind of Mars: pre-Golden Age pulp sci-fi adventure; sword and planet stuff with Clarkean magic, somewhat updated (more biotech than radium pistols and levitating rays).

I run a moderately rules-light collaborative style that emphasises pace and extemporisation, and that rewards imagination and quick thinking. I like to give the character players far more freedom of action than is usual (ie. I run sandbox style, not railroad style), but with power comes responsibility: I count on character-players to do their bit to keep the pace fast and the action in-genre.

Would you like to play? Do you know someone who would like to play? If so, get in touch.

— Brett

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inveterate gamer; prolific GM; world designer
2011-07-31 02:02:22

I have four players for this campaign now, which is enough to start. But there is still room for another player until the end of August.

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