Vengeance of the Dragon Queen

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Tiamat, the Dragon Queen. Her enemies had long believed her defeat at the Platinum Dragon's claws and consignment to Avernus in the Nine Hells would mean they would be free of her for ages yet to come, they were wrong. Through a means known only to a precious, few, powerful individuals she escaped from the first layer of hell to the realm of Endless Night, Tytherion. There she conceived new designs for vengeance, mustered an army of dracokin (Half-dragons) and trained the Pentarch princes, the five dracokin children of Tiamat who lead her Talon Legions. Now her diabolical children carry out her plans in the land of Faerun all across the Sword Coast. No one is safe above or below as long as Tiamat is lose to ply her infernal plans throughout the multiverse.

This is a sandbox style D&D 5e campaign driven by a narrative story based around the events in Hoard of the Dragon Queen and Rise of the Tiamat. Players will be confronted by the growing war and have to choose how best they believe to try and thwart Tiamat's designs. Note however this game has been going for two years, and is not a linear walk through like those two adventures, it merely features personalities and events as well as parts of the adventures contained in those two books, so expect the unexpected as play is by no means confined to the circumstances listed in those books.

We are a group of 3 players and myself (GM) who npc's a halfling rouge. We have a human totem barbarian, human life cleric and a half elf paladin walking the oath of the ancients and have a wizard set to join us. We like a more balanced game which leaves chances for role-playing and character development as well as plenty of battle. We are currently playing this game two times a month on Saturday starting at 6 m to 12 pm EST with our next game scheduled on the 16th. If you can't afford to spend the six hours this isn't the game for you. It's a roll20 game and we use Discord for voice chat. Anyone interested please check out the link below which will have additional information as this is a high level game that's been going on for about 2 years.

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