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2014-02-12 22:19:36

I have a group that meets Tues nights in SF. We played Dungeon Crawl Classics for about a year (and probably will again at some point), but now we're playtesting a setting I'm writing for FATE Core. It's a low fantasy version of ancient Rome, with a Lovecraftian twist - swords, sandals, and tentacles.

We're looking for one or two more players to round out the group (we have 5 now). We're in our 40s, gainfully employed, good hygiene, high social functioning, most married, some with kids. We're about evenly split between longtime games, and those who played in their youth and are coming back to the hobby in mid-life to unleash their inner 14 year-old.

— Running DCC and FATE Core ancient Rome fantasy

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