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2008-06-27 00:40:27

D&D 4th edition {Players Wanted}

Game Location 13th Ave & 78th StBrooklynN.Y.11219 Game Times Once or Twice a Month

Looking for empirical & methodical players. I am an extremely imaginative and resourceful Dungeon Master, looking for players who can bring a challenge to our games. Creativity is a must, novice players are welcome. I have 20 years of experience in the art of DMing. If you can be part of a team and open to not knowing what your next move would be, the next step is to send me an email.


I’ve been playing D&D and various other table tops for the past 20 years. I Host games that focus on storyline and character development. I run my games according to the players at the table.

I feel that while the rules are important the story comes first.

The whole group shouldn't get bogged down by any one situation, no matter how complex the problem, I sum it up into one or two rolls, resolve the situation and move on.

I support players in finding new and interesting ways of solving problems that don't always involve swinging their sword.

In combat I encourage creative combat techniques.

Those who are interested let me know what kind of games you’re used to playing & what kind of Role or Roles best describe you (see below)

An Actor:

* Provides PC background, emphasizing personality * Plays according to her character’s motivations. * Prefers scenes where she can portray her character. * Often prefers social encounters to fights.

An Explorer:

* Seeks out new experiences in the game’s setting. * Likes learning hidden facts and locating lost items and places. * Enjoys atmosphere as much as combat and story. * Advances the plot by being willing to move ever on.

An Instigator:

* Likes to make things happen. * Takes crazy risks and makes deliberately bad choices. * Thrives in combat and dislikes having nothing to do. * Takes decisive action when things grind to a halt.

A Power Gamer:

* Optimizes character attributes for combat performance. * Pores over supplements for better character options. * Spends less time on story and role-playing elements. * Prefers combat to other kinds of encounters.

A Slayer:

* Optimizes like a power gamer. * Might pick simple options to get into action quicker. * Spends less time on story and role-playing elements. * Wants to fight monsters and take bold action all the time.

A story teller:

* Often provides an extensive background for his PC. * Works hard to make sure his character fits the story. * Likes dramatic scenes and recurring characters. * Prefers adventures that include at least some plot.

A Thinker:

* Engages any challenge as a puzzle to be solved. * Chooses her actions carefully for the best possible result. * Is happy to win without action, drama, or tension. * Prefers time to consider options over bold action.

A Watcher:

* Shows up to be part of the group. * Helps calm disputes by not being as attached to the game. * Often fills a hole in the PC group, facilitating the fun.

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2008-07-19 00:08:13

am interested in joining your game. have not had a chance to play 4th edition yet but am looking forward to it. i guess the best way to describe me/my character would be as a watcher/slayer. a weird combo i suppose but an apt description. hope to hear from you soon.

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