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2009-09-30 23:09:33

My group is looking to add new blood to the group to replace a few players who have recently dropped out for personal reasons. My group plays on sundays from 12-7 every week on the SE side of portland between Powel and Holgate. We play several different type of game, but currently, we are playing a fantasy game that is focused on investigation with some small elements of political intrigue. The setting is a home made high fantasy setting.

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Native Portland Oregonian. Film Editor.
2009-12-20 04:29:44

Oh random, I just messaged you before seeing this. Check that out, I described myself there, then let me know if there's a seat open.

Cheers, Chris

2010-02-06 03:30:34

We have been playing successful for a month now and I would like to say that its been a ton of fun.

I would also like to say that we have one more seat left open for anyone who is interested. Surprisingly enough, for a steampunk game, we still lack a power armored scientist.

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