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2008-07-12 01:06:34

Looking for people willing to play Spirit of the Century (and maybe a few other indie type games) on Saturday afternoons, and maybe a few other games as well. The games will either be in Park Slope, or Queens depending on how many people want to play.

* Saturday. Early afternoon. * No one under 25. * Spirit of the Century, Don't Rest Your Head, possibly Serenity and few others.

We would like to start a SOTC campaign each saturday. But have enough people to play that if someone cannot make it, that is not an issue. Also maybe some Don't Rest Your Head. Eventually we want to play Serenity as well. Just looking for people to hang out and play during the day and have some fun with SOTC, even if you cannot always make it. We also have a few other indie type games we may think about playing as well.

If you are interested, email me at


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