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2007-04-13 04:49:12
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I've added the first personalized feature to the menu that appears when you click the tab with your handle on it. The new page is titled "NearbyGamers" and it shows you everyone who lives within 100 miles of your location and shares a tag with you.

I'll be improving this (tomorrow, probably) with options to change the distance and sort by newness to the neighborhood instead of distance. I'll also add an RSS feed. Maybe I'll even spiff it up with a little Javascript so you can see profiles.

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2007-04-14 06:51:47

Whooo hooo... RSS feed that gives the most recently updated threads, instead of just the newest threads. Personally, I find it infinitely more useful.

Thanks! -Aeryn

The gamer that runs this site
2007-04-14 07:40:55

I just added the distance and sorting, as well as rss feeds. The feed at is a great way to keep an eye out for folks who move into your neighborhood.

2007-04-14 18:15:28

Would it be possible to have the option to choose kilometers?

The gamer that runs this site
2007-04-14 21:22:51

Yes, I plan to add support for km.

Player of Story Games, Indie RPGs, RPGs
2007-04-19 02:28:27

This is a great way to find gamers, but what do you think of adding listings for places to play games, specifically gaming clubs and stores with play space? They could include tags like "in-store gaming" and hopefully would get a differently-colored icon, if possible.

2007-04-19 05:26:04

That's actually an idea that has been tossed around and is currently in the works. The Harkins has put out some concepts in this thread about some ideas that have come up. I think any new ideas to add to the list are always welcome.


The gamer that runs this site
2007-04-19 05:43:47

Yeah. I'd like to have had it done this week, but I've been slammed with distractions. Look for something early next week.

Indie RPGer and Board Wargamer.
2007-04-20 17:56:31

Great little function. Simple yet does the job. Thanks Harkins. John

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