Seeking players for GoT 5e in PA

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2018-04-03 23:04:27

Greetings and Salutation,

I, the Eternal DM, am seeking a few good players for a romp through the Game of Thrones world to offset waiting for the next series and the next book to drop. Located in the fine area of Downingtown, right off of Route 30 in Southeastern Pennsylvania.

Taking place in the Stormlands during the time that Renly and Stannis both decided to go for the throne, the victims...I mean players are thrust as defenders of the lands as the majority of the Knights head out to go under the banner of their respective would-be-kings.

It is your job to clean up the mess as now the bandits are getting restless and deciding that it is fine for them to rape, murder and pillage across the Stormlands. Can you take up arms to defend your lands from these ruthless bastards or will you fall victim to them? Only the dice know.

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Houston, Tx
2018-07-20 20:54:14

How did your Game go? Did you ever find a group?

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