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2018-04-10 12:08:35

Hello and allow me to introduce myself. I am FishStyx and I love playing Shadowrun online with friends using Roll20 and Discord. We are a small group right now who organize game times with each other and take turns GMing. This creates an ongoing progressive game in which all of our characters have a part. We have enough people now for consistent games, but feel that if we had a few more people on board it could make for some interesting times.

What is Shadowrun? Shadowrun is a dystopian RPG set in the future in which Mega corporations rule the world and hire "Shadowrunners" to carry out secret mission using the latest in cyber-technology and magic.

New to Shadowrun? That's fine. All we as is that you are a positive person with a good attitude. If you don't know the rules so well, we will take time to help you build a character and learn.

Who plays? We have a group of people from a wide range of locales. Most of us are working with real lives to live too. That's the advantage of having more people to play with. We can schedule a time to play and take whoever can make if for that day.

When do you play? Often actually. We tend to have at least 4 games or more a week.

What do I need to play with you?

We use Roll20 as a simulated table top.

We talk using Discord. You can stop in to chat with us and we can help you get setup. The link to our server is here.

We organize our games here.

You can build a character using a free program called Chummer5.

All of this is free of course. We are just looking for people who are fun to play with. Come and give it a try.

See you in the Shadows......

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