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Chummer, the Computer is your Friend
2007-12-10 00:49:11

Welcome Troubleshooter.

As a reward for turning in your traitorous friend (who was subsequently executed), you have been promoted to _RED_ Security Clearance level. Congratulations.

You will report to the Mission Briefing Room now.

Well? What are you waiting for?


I'll be running it at Karliquin's in Boulder, Colorado if someone's in the area and is interested.

Dec 23rd, 1pm to closing (around 4:30pm).

Carl Ultraviolet Security Clearance High Programmer "Are you cleared for that information?"

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Chummer, the Computer is your Friend
2007-12-26 18:41:51

Just wanted to point you to the Mission Debriefing if anyone's interested in how the game went:


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