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2011-11-20 19:51:17

A new group based in Salmon Arm BC for players in Shuswap and Okanagan Valley areas. Even if you already have your own gaming group up and running its always good to connect with fellow gamers who share an interest in original basic D&D, Ad&d 1st Ed, OSRIC, and Labyrinth Lord. IF you want to play you need NO RPG EXPERIENCE. Just a set of dice and the willingness to have fun. Prefer "mature" players. That doesnt mean we cant laugh, joke around, and be silly though! (Last campaign had players aged 27 to 40+) REMEMBER U DO NOT NEED EXPERIENCE and the rules are available free in PDF format.

I (paul) will be mastering both a Labyrinth Lord campaign and an OSRIC campaign. Campaigns will rotate. LL one week, OSRIC the other, and so on. I have 20+ years of GM experience and take my job seriously :)

— pwr1978

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