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Games designer at Zen Zombie Games
2007-10-25 11:06:55

I posted on here a while back about why D&D sucks (links to my original blog post).

I'd like to thank everyone who stopped by to comment - now you can go to Google and search for "D&D sucks" I'm the top hit - w00t!

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2007-10-30 02:29:37

I had put in what I hoped was an articulate answer and failed the challenge question "Type in the thirteen". I typed in "the thirteen".

So, I'm done with that attempt - don't want to put back in all of that stuff.

Perhaps it is best I don't - after all, if I'm too dim to fail the challenge question perhaps what I wanted to articulate may not be as clever as I'd hoped.

Ah well,


Hello, I'm looking to run and play games.
2007-11-02 20:26:25

I agree to a degree the oDnD (first set) was rather nice and for a good Old School game try Basic Fantasy RPG Rules- FREE.

It has levels and some things but no alignment in the core rules and its generally simple and elegant, is 152 pages and you can buy the rules in a book form cheap enough for non-hardbound. Is elegant and very playable enough rules to guide the game and give structure but not too complex. And there are plenty of optional rules.

But the DnD especially now is crazy and overly expensive even though I do own 3rd edition I didn't buy 3.5 (I did copy some of the classes becasue I liked them better of SRDv3.5 online) and will NOT buy the game anymore. the Basic Fantasy RPG is for me much better.

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