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Hamden gamer looking for a group.
2012-09-24 03:45:47

Hey. I'm new to the area and am looking for a gaming group. I'm pretty experienced in a bunch of systems and I'm always willing to try something new. Any groups have room for one more out there?

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Always up for teaching or learning new games.
2012-10-13 12:03:35

Interested in trying out some new games and meeting a bunch of local gamers?

Come to Stamford, CT over December 7-9 for AnonyCon to connect with lots of players and GMs, and have a chance to try out some new systems too!

— AnonyCon: Games So Good They Turn Undead
2013-02-23 04:11:06

I'm an inexperienced gamer in the area and would love to learn how to play D&D with a group

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