D&D 4e Game Starting NY (Wash Heights)



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2008-05-20 22:56:31

I'm looking to get together a group of D&D players to explore the promised glories of the new school!

Ultimately we'll be looking to meet 3-4 times a month, most likely on weeknights at my apartment in Washington Heights, and collectively run a 4e campaign. One of my friends will kick things off with Keep on the Shadowfell & its quickstart rules, which should tide us over until the books are released. After that he'll pass on the DM hat to the next of us who wants to give it a try (probably me because I have an adventure I'd like to run). The characters will most likely remain the same, regardless of who is running.

The initial step will be to get together with interested folks and run a one-shot trial game using the fan-compiled pre-release rules. The idea will be for us to get a sense of whether we'd enjoy playing with one another, and for you to see whether the new rules seem like a good fit for the way you roll. If the answers to both are 'yes' we'll try to work out a schedule that suits everyone.

If this sounds awesome to you, please respond of e-mail me at

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