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NearbyGamers General
2014-02-25 20:22:08

If you're in the Raleigh/Durham area, or willing to travel there for a weekly D&D gaming session, then look no further. I'm a dungeon master, working on a written campaign and ready to start playing it with a group. I have played the beginning portion with a group before and they loved it, but I moved from Portland and am going to start over. My girlfriend and one other friend have expressed interest in learning to play, but my campaign works best with 3-4 players, so I'm looking for one or two more people just starting out, or just want to learn how to play, to add to our group. We currently have 2 ranged characters, so at least 1 melee, leader type character would be awesome! The campaign is fantasy based and was well liked by my last group. There is much more to it than just dice rolling in combat. Your adventurer will deal with riddles, puzzles, spying, and even translating and diplomacy, in addition to the blood and gore of battle! Feel free to reply or message me if interested :)

— Logan Jack

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Experienced 3.5 gamer looking for adventure
2014-02-28 04:39:33

Hello Logan Jack. I was extremely excited to read your post. I am an experienced 3.5 gamer who will be moving to the durham area at the beginning if April. A melee leader type character is perfect for me since it's my preferred class and I often take on the leader of the group or group spokesman role in campaigns. Your group sounds perfect for me and I have been itching to roll my D20 slay some orcs and have some in depth roll play for far to long now. Feel free to contact me, or message me here I just made a profile. Looking forward to hearing from you

— Starslayer
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