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Looking for character-driven storytelling? Us too!
2010-01-08 23:01:25

Hi there-

My friend and I just moved to Brooklyn this summer, and now we're looking to find a game, or people to start a game with.

Our profile does a well enough job to explain who we are and what we're into. I've already gone about messaging people without responses- it is too bad that this website doesn't note when accounts were made, or how long it has been since they've been logged into. All the same, if anyone is out there in NYC looking for two 22 year old dudes with tons of imagination and a keen sense of character, who are generally fun to be around even outside of roleplaying, please give me a shout!

For your consideration, here is the profile of one of the people who never messaged me back:

"I'm mostly a player who enjoys a more plot/roleplaying heavy kind of game, as opposed to just 'Ok build a guy, the king sends you on a quest, oh look goblins!" kind of stuff. I'm also someone who doesn't want to game with people I don't enjoy being around in general, or people who have no interests outside of RPGing. 1D People tend to make bad roleplayers, and worse conversation partners, after all!"

This dude nailed it. That's what I'm talking about. It is people like him, or like you, if you're like him, that we'd like to be playing with. Cheers!

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whenever someone farts, a demon gets it's wings.
2010-01-12 03:38:17

if your interested in a little retro gaming, i 'm currently playing a 1st edition ad&d game. let me know, i have a couple extra 1st edition player books. my email address is

2010-04-10 20:40:47

Hey - I sent you a message; I'd be interested in a New World of Darkness game if you're still looking to set something up.

I'm 25, easy going, law student in Brooklyn. Drop me a line to

- James

2010-05-03 20:50:51

Hey 2 NYC gamers.

If you haven't yet you need to check out the Compleat Strategist in E33rd St between 5th Avenue and Madison Ave. There you can meet many gamers and they even have a couple of game rooms.

Good luck.

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