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2014-01-07 16:23:23

I'm looking for some additional players for a bi-weekly Pathfinder campaign to be run at a local game store (choice of two in the area). It will be cenetered around one of the adventure paths, probably the newest one - Wrath of the Righteous. If you're interested, please contact me. If you're a gamer in the area and interested in other RPGs, please contact me as well. I'm always looking for local games/gamers. I'd love to play some other stuff like Savage Worlds, Traveller, old school D&D, etc.

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2014-06-02 05:21:56

Hello l8knight,

We have an ongoing fantasy campaign in West Dundee that plays a "bridge" set of rules: old-school with more modern elements brought in, particularly non-combat proficiency skills. We are a cooperative group looking for a few more players to join in the adventure. We meet every other Sunday from 3 till 8pm, and we have everything needed to create a character and jump into the story. You can find out more at look for the campaign: "Realm of Wonders!"

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Bruce G

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