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2015-05-23 03:53:02

The Mistygleam Friar RP is going to be hosted on a Forum that I'm running. At the moment that Forum isn't actually open for public consumption, but I am seeking potential staff members who would be helpful in building/maintaining the Forum and who will have a real commitment to the RP and it's community. (Especially could use editors!!!) Of course we hope to have the site up and running very soon and ready for actual members. At the moment we are in what might be called the 'Alpha Rough Draft' phase which means a lot of stuff is unfinished. The manual and a good number of areas still needs to written/fleshed out and there are a few site features that aren't fully up and running that I would really like to get there. Of course experienced coders and forum runners would be helpful as well, any help I can get with the project would be appreciated.

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2015-05-29 21:23:03

We're now in the 'First Rough Draft' and officially accepting new members. Still hoping for potential staff of course, but now we do accept play testers and moderation positions don't have to be the only thing you're interested in. It's not nearly done just yet, but then I've kind of been doing all the work by my lonesome. (It's a lot to type!)

2015-05-31 21:31:19

We're now in the 'Rough Draft' phase, which means we're still accepting potential Staff Members, and we're also still accepting play testers only for character creation at the moment though. We are still eagerly chugging along.

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