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GURPS GM, and Player
2008-02-22 00:22:56

I am one of three GM / Players of a small gaming group in San Marcos California.

We all like of each other's game setting, and we are looking for more players. We play GURPS Fantasy / Banestorm setting, with the 4th Edition GURPS system. We are all converted D&D'ers, and I have been Gm'ing GURPS since the early nineties, when it was in it's Third Edition.

If you're in the San Diego County area, and want to play, please let me know. We play up behind Cal State San Marcos, at one of the other GM's house, each Saturday night, with the occasional Friday night session. It usually depends on the other's work schedule, but we play each weekend.

Contact me with any questions if you're a local, and might be open to GURPS.

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