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Looking for players
2017-03-13 22:03:08

I have one, possibly two new players looking to play in a game and they've asked me to DM. I'm an avid player but I haven't DMed before for a bigger group (mostly for my students). but I've pretty much come up with a storyline. Essentially it's going to start off as you are asked to come to a floating city by a shadowy person and from there you are sent off by a official who wants a task done quietly. The task is to discover why some of the floating cities are collapsing, but of course nothing is that simple. I'm hoping to find two more players if nothing else. Send me a message if you're interested!

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2017-05-05 18:19:51

I'd be willing to play just contact me

2017-05-25 01:40:56

Are you still looking for people cause i am looking to join a game,

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