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Affable & Congenial Times Await!
2016-08-05 15:01:55

Our numbers thin, many a valiant adventurer has fallen by the wayside, and once again, a horn sounds from Riverdell.

Will anyone hear the call to arms?

Who among you can stomach hours of friendly banter and snacks in a custom built room, their eyes feasting upon dice, paper and the visions thereby conjured in the flickering light of candle, under the guidance of an experienced, easy going, fun loving - and above all modest - DM?

Have no fear wanderer. If you have any interest in joining us, a mere message will find all the information and guidance you seek.

All are welcome at Riverdell, now more than ever, several worlds await heroes in the coming months, and with our dwindling numbers, who shall save them from destruction?

Could it be.... YOU???

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